What others are saying

“It was a great pleasure to brainstorm ideas with Ambika, critically analyze recent developments and policies, screen case studies and document innovative experiences, and weigh pros and cons of proposals. I believe she will be able to make contributions of this nature in any context as she will immerse herself deeply in the local realities and use her experience from other contexts.”

Koos Neefjes
Director of Climate Sense and Former UNDP- Vietnam Policy Advisor on Climate Change

“Ambika hit the ground running the moment she arrived and took to heart her mission of assembling a group of outside authors as geographically diverse as the issue of global climate change…Her passionate commitment that voices from the Global South be heard in this volume helped produce more-productive ideas for addressing climate change at every level.”

State of the World 2009: Into a Warming World

“Ambika has both a deep understanding of topics related to environment and development and a clear, understandable voice with which to convey that understanding to others. She has been a valuable resource for sharing stories related to diversity in the environmental movement, climate migration and other topics with Ensia’s audiences around the world.”

Mary Hoff
Editor in Chief at Ensia

“Ambika is a talented researcher and writer who has made significant contributions to policy thinking on youth and climate change policy. She is genuinely passionate about ensuring that the voices of young people are included in official decision-making processes on climate change policy.”

Anantha Krishnan
Secretary General of the Urban Economy Forum

“Ambika has been a wonderful teacher, leader and mentor. She is everything one could look for in a good mentor. Ambika has groomed me to be a sound professional and made working with her during the just concluded UN Habitat in Towns World Summit an interesting and memorable experience.”

David Andrew Okon
Agricultural Engineer, Nigeria

“Ambika fulfilled her role as consultant to research and write a report: “Whatever the weather” about journalism on climate change in developing countries. The report was launched at the climate change COP in Kenya and drew much attention from international delegates for its ground-breaking insights. Ambika’s approach was highly professional, friendly and efficient.”

Rod Harbinson
Former Head of Climate Change Programme at the Panos Institute