Urban Climate Innovations

Designing transformative solutions to tackle climate change and urbanization challenges

Inform & Inspire

City governments are uniquely positioned to tackle local level challenges. We inform decision-makers and the public about the role of city-level governance to tackle pressing urbanization and climate challenges with the hope to inspire bold solutions to address these challenges.

Legal Research

UCI possesses knowledge on all facets of climate change law and policy, including legal issues in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, renewable energy law and policy, climate adaptation policy, and efforts to create an international legal framework to address climate induced migration.

Policy Solutions

Building the bridge between knowledge and innovative policy solutions and practices to address our world’s most pressing climate, migration, and urbanization challenges.


Thoughtful new approaches to collaboration are needed to effectively tackle urbanization and climate change challenges at all levels. At the heart of UCI is a process of listening to the voices of underrepresented communities and including their opinions in policy documents.

Meet Ambika Chawla

Founder of Urban Climate Innovations (UCI)

Ambika is the lead author of a policy report about city level governance to tackle security, climate migration, and urbanization challenges and she is a key contributor to the UN’s analysis of urban development and climate change in Vietnam. She is also the editor of the Green Growth City Development Strategy (GG-CDS) for Da Nang City, an urban masterplan which aims to create the first green city in Vietnam and in the Asia-Pacific region.

“It was a great pleasure to brainstorm ideas with Ambika, critically analyze recent developments and policies, screen case studies and document innovative experiences, and weigh pros and cons of proposals. I believe she will be able to make contributions of this nature in any context as she will immerse herself deeply in the local realities and use her experience from other contexts.”

Koos Neefjes
Director of Climate Sense and Former UNDP- Vietnam Policy Advisor on Climate Change

“Ambika hit the ground running the moment she arrived and took to heart her mission of assembling a group of outside authors as geographically diverse as the issue of global climate change…Her passionate commitment that voices from the Global South be heard in this volume helped produce more-productive ideas for addressing climate change at every level.”

State of the World: Into a Warming World

“Ambika is a talented researcher and writer who has made significant contributions to policy thinking on youth and climate change policy. She is genuinely passionate about ensuring that the voices of young people are included in official decision-making processes on climate change policy.”

Anantha Krishnan
Secretary General of the Urban Economy Forum